Celebrate Galentine’s Day With Wine Night & Your Lady Squad

Celebrate Galentine’s Day With Wine Night & Your Lady Squad

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Girls’ Night In Wine Tasting Package from Wine Night was gifted to The Glorious Grape in exchange for writing and promoting this post.  TGG was not paid, and all opinions are mine and my guests’ own.  For more information, you may read my disclosure here.


Or should I say, Galentine’s Day?!


This year, I decided to celebrate some wonderful ladies in my life (#ladysquad) by hosting a wine tasting party.  Now, I’ve hosted a couple wine tastings before, but this one was unlike anything I’ve ever thrown or ever even been to!  I was lucky enough to team up with Wine Nightwhich delivers the wine tasting party to you.


You read that right.  The party comes to YOU!


 Galentine's Day Wine Night In, A Tasting To Celebrate Fierce Female Friends! #ladysquad | thegloriousgrape.com

I received the Girls’ Night In Wine Night tasting package to help celebrate my fierce female friends for Galentine’s Day.


Meet “Girls’ Night In,” our latest tasting created for you and your lady squad. With our food pairing and party tips, plus a slay-worthy Spotify playlist, skip the prep & spend that extra time with your crew drinking, eating, and crying laughing over your questionable-to-bad late-night decisions.🍷 Tag your go-to girls and buy your tasting (at 30% off) today!


I was so excited when I received 6 secret bottles of silver-wrapped wine, 6 stemless wine glasses, and a card which included all the information I would need for Hitchless Hosting.  All I had to do was set a date, buy some food based off the pairing suggestions, and get ready to party!


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Our Girls’ Night In Wines

The Girls’ Night In package contains something for everyone.  There are sparkling wines and still; reds, whites and rosés; sweet and dry.  Your guests may not like everything they taste, but they are bound to find something!  And they are likely to discover new wines, too.


The wines are meant to be served in pairs, for a total of three tastings.  The wine pairs will be similar in style, yet be different enough to help coach your senses and improve your wine skills.  Here are the wines we received in our package:


Wine Night Girls' Night In Wine Tasting Line Up | thegloriousgrape.com

  1.  Alice Osé Brut Rosé, NV (Italy)
  2.  Soucherie Cuvée de l’Astrée Rosé de Loire, 2016 (France)
  3.  Moselland Pink Cat Riesling, 2016 (Germany)
  4.  Bera Moscato d’Asti DOCG, 2016 (Italy)
  5.  Au Bon Climat Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir, 2016 (California)
  6.  Foxglove Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon, 2016 (California)


The wines were all really great quality, and we were impressed with the overall selection.  A few of the girls in the group were not big on red wines, but they were at least willing to give the last two a try.  Perhaps if older vintages were available to try, they may have been softer and more palatable for them.  The alcohol and the acidity were quite prevalent due to their young age.  Overall, #4 was the favorite.  #1 and #3 were also well liked.


Our Girls’ Night In Food Pairings

  • Wines 1 and 2
    • Brie, candied pecans and raspberry preserves with croissants
    • fresh grapes and seasonal Florida strawberries

Wine Night Girls' Night In Food Pairing 1 | thegloriousgrape.com


  • Wines 3 and 4
    • Cream cheese and hot pepper jelly with crackers and French bread
    • Citrus, pineapple and mixed green salad with toasted walnuts and orange poppy seed dressing

Citrus Salad with Pineapple, Walnuts & Orange Poppy Seed Dressing | Wine Night Girls' Night In Food Pairing 2 | thegloriousgrape.com


  • Wines 5 and 6
    • Assorted flatbreads (pepperoni and oven-roasted tomato, garlic and spinach)
    • Girl Scout Cookies (because it’s that time of year, OK? Let’s celebrate all of our lovely ladies!)

Assorted Flatbreads | Wine Night Girls' Night In Food Pairing 3 | thegloriousgrape.com

So, What Is Wine Night?

Wine Night is more than just a wine tasting delivery service.  Wine Night will give you everything you need to have a successful wine tasting party, without all the stress and overwhelm.  Need wine?  They’ve got it covered.  Glassware for your guests?  No problem.  Party food suggestions?  Yeah, they have that, too!


Wine Night Girls Night In Sample Bottle And Glass | thegloriousgrape.com


Wine Night takes all the guesswork out of hosting a wine tasting party.  In the past, I was always wasting time brainstorming my wine list, only to re-do it several times because I was worried about picking the “right” wines.  Then I had to figured out the perfect food pairings, figure out the type of music I wanted to play, buy enough glassware for my guests, and finally – figure out how to invite everyone.  Oh!  And obviously make sure I had enough wine for all the guests I was planning on having.  It was always so much work.


But not with Wine Night.  Wine Night is a host/hostess’ saving grace!


How Wine Night Works

Choose Your Tasting Package – There are over 30 packages to choose from, and they fit all budgets and tastes.  The packages may be based on a theme, like ours – Girls’ Night In – a region, a variety of grape, or even based on the season.  Each package can serve 6-8 guests, but you can purchase for additional guests.  The tastings are also compiled by sommeliers, so you can rest easy knowing you will be getting quality wines.


Receive Your Package & Host Essentials – After you order, you’ll receive everything you need to host your party!  You’ll even get log-in information to help you prepare.  Wine Night will give you:

  • All the wines you and your guests will be tasting
  • Stemless tasting glasses
  • Digital invitations you can customize
  • A Spotify playlist
  • Food pairing suggestions
  • Instructions on how to serve your wine
  • Other suggestions to make hosting your party a breeze


Throw Your Wine Night Party! – Wine Night includes a free app download for you and your guests to help guide you through the tastings.  The wines are meant to be served blind, which adds to the fun of the party!  As the host, you control the flow and Wine Night will help you stay on track.  The app also functions as a game, so you and your guests can test your wine skills with each flight, before the big reveal is made.


Wine Night App Game | thegloriousgrape.com

The Final Word

Hosting my Girls’ Night In Galentine’s Day Wine Tasting Party with Wine Night was such a blast, and I wish I had known about it sooner!  It makes hosting – and attending – a wine tasting party so effortless, and covers all the bases for you.  Putting together the perfect party can be super stressful, and it is often easy to overlook certain details that may be essential to having a successful party, but Wine Night will have your back.  You won’t ever have to second-guess putting a song on your playlist, or figuring out if that cheese will pair with that wine again!


Girls Night In Wine Night Galentines Day Wine Tasting Party | thegloriousgrape.com


What makes Wine Night even better – yes, it gets better! – is that all of their packages are currently 30%!  You’ll also get 6 tasting glasses for free, while the offer is still valid.  The prices listed on their website include the discount and start at just $95, so be sure to act fast and sip up this offer while you can!


Visit Wine Night’s website here.


Girls Night In Wine Night Galentines Day Wine Tasting Party 2 | thegloriousgrape.com



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