General Contact

Is there a subject you want to learn about  that I haven’t covered yet?  A little-known wine region you want to know more about?  Do you have a suggestion for ways I can improve the site?  Just want to give me your two cents?  Use the form below and let me know!  I love hearing positive and constructive feedback from my readers, and want to cover topics you want to learn about.  Thanks!


Sample Submissions

If you are interested in submitting wines or other products for me to review on The Glorious Grape and other social media accounts, please email Amanda directly at  I will provide more detailed contact information at that time in order to receive your shipment.  Please include in your email the following:

  • The full name(s) of the product(s) you will be sending.
  • Digital copies of any technical sheets, product information, etc.
  • Contact information for your company or winery.


Work With The Glorious Grape!

Please contact Amanda directly at if you are interested in working or collaborating with The Glorious Grape.  I am available for and interested in the following opportunities:

  • Product & Service Reviews
  • Promotions & Features
  • Freelance Writing
  • Guest Blog Posts
  • Social Media Collaborations
  • And any other opportunities you may have – just inquire!