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This page is a great resource for anyone looking to save some money while indulging in your vino habit.  I have only listed companies, products and services that I use or am directly familiar with.  These are my opinions – I wouldn’t recommend something to my readers I didn’t approve of here!


Wine Essentials


Everyone knows by know that Amazon has pretty much everything you could ever want.  Too lazy to run out to the store to buy your wine?  Get it delivered!  Need a new set of glasses?  There are tons to choose from.  Want to try out a decanter to see if they really make your reds taste better?  Take your pick!  These items are just the tip of the iceberg.  Amazon has so many other options to choose from – from books, to artwork, to wine-theme apparel and everything in between.  Seriously – what doesn’t Amazon have?




There’s no better way to indulge your wine habit than to do so in the name of blogging!  Bluehost is what I use to manage my website – it’s super affordable, recommended highly in the blogging world, and so easy to use all thanks to the WordPress plug-in.  I was able to get a functioning site the same night I signed up!  Whether you’re a seasoned web designer, or total newbie like me, Bluehost works for everyone.  Even if you’re not interested in blogging about wine, maybe you still need a website, or know someone else who does.  Sign up with The Glorious Grape and you can get your website for as little as $3.49/month!



If you’re planning on taking a trip in the future, and you haven’t signed up for airbnb yet, maybe a $40 credit off your first booking will convince you!  Just click the link above and its that easy.  airbnb has rentals all over the world, and they are more than just homes and apartments.  Want a cozy cottage for a weekend getaway in Napa with your honey?  Check!  Looking to book a luxury chateau in the heart of Bordeaux for a group of 20? Check!  airbnb even has a new feature called Experiences, where you can book special events and things to do, whether you’re on vacation or not!  I love airbnb, it’s actually become my new go-to and I almost never use hotels anymore when I travel!



This is one of the cashback rewards app that I use whenever I go grocery shopping or run errands.  If you sign up with this link, or download the app on your phone and use my referral code pgimva you will get a $10 welcome bonus!  ibotta has tons of great cashback deals, especially on wine.  You can use this whenever you shop at the grocery store, liquor store, drugstore, convenience store, anywhere really.  As I type this, there are 130 rebates at ABC Fine Wines and 142 rebates at Total Wine alone!