January Food Holidays & Wine Pairing Guide

January Food Holidays & Wine Pairing Guide

I’ve got your January Food Holidays & Wine Pairing Guide

In case you didn’t know – I love food.

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I love food so much that I refuse to give in to those challenges, diets and fads that happen every single January, year after year.


“Eat kale everyday!”

“Cut out added sugar!”

“Go meatless more days than just Monday!”


Thanks, but no thanks.


If this is your thing, I am not trying to hate.  All I am saying is it isn’t MY thing.  I enjoy eating what I want, when I want.  Sure, I try to do so in moderation, and I have my dietary preferences to keep my health in check.  But I love variety.  I love spice.  I love meat, and cheese, and fried food, and salad, and eggs, and fruit smoothies and chocolate.


And beer and wine, but that goes without saying.


After many failed attempts at dieting, I’ve learned you cannot simply eliminate the foods you love and be happy.


So I’ve decided to celebrate food this year, and every year going forward.

And good food needs good wine, right?  So every month, I’ll be creating a food and wine pairing guide to celebrate daily food holidays that we take for granted.


Some of these food holidays may be a bit weird (there is literally something, or many things, for every day of the year!) and some are more classic and approachable.  The wines pairings are the same.  My goal is to get you to savor all the diverse flavors of food and wine right along with me.


Because you do love food, too, don’t you?



January Food Holidays & Wine Pairing Guide

Pair spaghetti and other Italian food with a classic Chianti wine from Italy. | Get more food & wine pairings from thegloriousgrape.com

January 4 – Spaghetti Day

Wine Pairing:  Chianti Classico

Why It Works:  The wine name says it all – this is a classic!  Chianti is king when it comes to pairing Italian food.  From pasta to pizza, its fresh red flavors and bracing acidity go well with tomato-based dishes.



Pair tempura and other fried food with Prosecco from Italy or other sparkling wine. | Get more food & wine pairings from thegloriousgrape.com

January 7 – Tempura Day

Wine Pairing:  Prosecco

Why It Works:  Prosecco’s clean and crisp flavors, along with its high acidity and low sugar will go perfect with the light and crispy texture of tempura.  Plus, bubbles and fried food go really well together.

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Pair curry and other Indian cuisine with a Gewurztraminer wine from Alsace or Germany. | Get more food & wine pairings from thegloriousgrape.com

January 12 – Curry Chicken Day

Wine Pairing:  Alsace Gewürztraminer

Why It Works:  This food and wine pairing is heavy on the aromatics and pungent flavors, so embrace it!  I encourage you to try your curry on the spicier side for this pairing.  Gewürztraminer has notes of honey, lychee, sweet tropical fruits and roses or other florals, which will make for a great counterbalance to the heat.  If you can find it, try a German variety (like P.J. Valckenberg Gewürztraminer), which tends to be a tad bit crisper and more subdued than its in-your-face Alsatian counterpart.

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Pair hot and spicy food with a Washington Riesling wine. | Get more food & wine pairings from thegloriousgrape.com

January 16 – Hot & Spicy Food Day

Wine Pairing:  Washington Riesling

Why It Works:  Washington state is putting out some amazing Rieslings that can really give Mosel, Germany a run for its money.  Riesling is the perfect pairing for spicy dishes, especially when we’re talking Asian cuisine.  Charles Smith Winery’s Kung Fu Girl Riesling is just what you need to complete the meal.  The balance between crisp and sweet is addicting, just like that General Tso’s chicken you ordered for take-out.


Pair buttery popcorn with a Cremant de Bourgone from France, which is similar to Champagne. | Get more food & wine pairings from thegloriousgrape.com

January 19 – Popcorn Day

Wine Pairing: Crémant de Bourgogne

Why It Works:  Buttery popcorn needs a buttery wine.  You could go with a Chardonnay, but the oak might be overpowering.  Bubbles are a great option, but Champagne is just way too fancy in this scenario.  Crémant de Bourgogne is a great alternative to Champagne, without the Champagne price tag.



Pair your cheese board with a Garnacha from Spain or other Grenache wine. | Get more food & wine pairings from thegloriousgrape.com

January 20 – Cheese Lover’s Day

Wine Pairing:  Spanish Garnacha

Why It Works:  Really, you can have any wine you feel like today.  It depends on your cheese selection, I suppose.  I chose this pairing because I personally love Spanish wines.  Garnacha has lots of dark, juicy fruit flavors with a bit of spice, which make it perfect for hard and/or aged cheeses like Manchego, Gouda, Cheddar and Parmesan.



Pair creamy, buttery chowders like New England clam chowder with a Chardonnay wine from California. | Get more food & wine pairings from thegloriousgrape.com

January 21 – New England Clam Chowder Day

Wine Pairing: California Chardonnay

Why It Works:  I am a Massachusetts native so I am quite passionate about New England Clam Chowder.  For me, it has always been more of a summer soup, when you can dig the clams yourself.  But I’ll happily take it any time of year.  Pair this creamy, buttery, clammy delicacy with an equally delectable and rich Chardonnay.  California has some prime choices.



Pair Southern food with a Muscadine wine from Florida or other Southern state. | Get more food & wine pairings from thegloriousgrape.com

January 22 – Southern Food Day

Wine Pairing:  White or Rosé Muscadine

Why It Works:  Muscadine wines are the star of Southern vineyards, so it’s only right that they be paired with down home Southern cooking.  Skip the red varieties, as they will be too much when paired with all that rich, cheesy, greasy, fried and fatty food.  Go straight for the whites or rosés, which won’t overpower your Southern food feast.

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Pair chocolate desserts with a Primitivo wine from Southern Italy. | Get more food & wine pairings from thegloriousgrape.com

January 27 – Chocolate Cake Day

Wine Pairing:  Italian Primitivo

Why It Works:  You could be traditional and do Merlot.  I won’t lie, that was my first instinct when writing this.  But then I remembered this luscious, extravagant, velvety and rich wine from Southern Italy that just blew my mind, in the same way that a really good chocolate cake does.  That wine was Primitivo, and it will forever have a special place in my heart (and stomach).


Pair croissants and other French pastries with classic French Champange. | Get more food & wine pairings from thegloriousgrape.com

January 30 – Croissant Day

Wine Pairing:  Champagne
Why It Works:  Because both are just quintessentially French, and you deserve Champagne for breakfast!

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