Say Yes Way Rosé This May With The Glorious Grape!

Say Yes Way Rosé This May With The Glorious Grape!

It’s May, so that means it’s time to say “Yes Way Rosé!”

“Rosé all day!”

“Rosé all the way!”

“Rosé season!”

Or whatever version of that you prefer.


Here at The Glorious Grape, I believe in rosé wine all year round. I don’t think it should be a seasonal fad, enjoyed for only 1/4 of the year. In fact, I don’t think any wine should be reserved for certain times of the year.  If you want a big, hearty glass of red in the sweltering summer heat – drink it.  And if you want to say “yes way rosé” in the middle of a snowstorm (even if it is still happening in May!) then pour yourself a glass of pink wine.


But let’s be real – we all love a nice, cold, refreshing bottle of wine once the weather starts to warm, and rosé will always fit that bill.



Why Should You Say Yes Way Rosé With Me?

I’ve decided to turn the entire month of May into a celebration of rosé wine, for multiple reasons.


First and foremost – I want to highlight just how awesome good rosé wine can be. Some people are of the opinion that this style of wine is produced with poor quality and little effort. This may be because in the past, many winemakers did produce the wines this way. Like me, you may have been scarred by the overly sweet or boringly bland bottles that were dirt cheap and sold on the bottom shelf of a grocery store. But times have changed. The rosé market has improved significantly, and this type of winemaking is now practiced with great care and careful technique by many. If you’re ready to explore just how diverse, fascinating and intoxicating the world of rosé wine can be, then join me!


Second – Rosé wine is perfect for summer, and May is the month we’re starting to get prepared for it all! So I know I said earlier rosé is perfect year-round, and I still stand by that. But there are definitely some perks to enjoying it in the summer – for one, marketing. You’ll see brands promoting their rosé wines almost exclusively during the warmer months, major sales throughout the season, and new releases happening just after spring has sprung. Another reason summer is great for enjoying rosé, is because as unique as these wines can be, they all tend to be extremely refreshing and best served nice and cold. What could be better than that on a crazy hot day?


Lastly – Rosé wine is just so fun to drink. There are so many options, from so many regions, made with so many different grapes, in so many different styles, that pair with so many delicious foods. There is something for everyone, even if you don’t think you like rosé wine! You just have to search a little for the perfect option, if that is the case. There is no shortage of things to write about when it comes to rosé, which is why I will be covering it all month long!



What’s In Store This May At The Glorious Grape

Say yes way rosé this May with me! I’ve got a bunch of content lined up that will be both entertaining and educational. What you can expect this month on the blog:

  • Educational
    • What exactly is rosé wine, and how is it made?
    • Major regions known for rosé wine production
    • Common and uncommon grapes used in rosé wine production
    • Food and wine pairing ideas
    • Reviews and tasting notes
  • Entertaining
    • New brands of rosé to try for 2018
    • Recipes using rosé wine in the ingredients
    • The best types of rosé wine packaging
    • My favorite rosé themed apparel and accessories



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What are your thoughts on rosé wine? Let’s talk about it in the comments!




This summer, find all things rosé wine at The Glorious Grape - recipes, tasting notes, wine education, rosé gear and more!





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