TGG’s Holiday Gift Guide for Winos, Part 1

TGG’s Holiday Gift Guide for Winos, Part 1

Part 1 of TGG’s Holiday Gift Guide is All Glass, All Day

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Glassware is the most important part of the wine drinking experience – not only does it hold our wine for drinking, but it can enhance the aromas and flavors, decant and act as a storage vessel.  It can also speak volumes about the person holding the glass – does it convey a message (literally or figuratively)?  Are they matching sets or a collection of unique pieces?  Are they specific to the wines being consumed, or based on a personal preference?  Glasses can say so much.


And that’s what makes them the perfect gift!  In this first part of TGG’s Holiday Gift Guide, I have compiled a list of glassware for the special wine drinker(s) in your life, tailored to their personal tastes.  Look around for some inspiration, and who know, maybe you’ll even find a little something to treat yourself to, as well!  After all, holiday shopping is hard work.  Hover over the images, give them a click, and buy away!


For the Newly Serious Wino & Wannabe Sommelier

I recently started switching out my old glassware collection for Riedel glassware.  What makes this brand amazing is they have collections for all price points, but one thing remains across all of their lines – the glasses are varietal specific.  Drinking Viognier?  There’s a glass for that.  Old World Pinot Noir?  There is a glass for that, and it is distinct from New World Pinot Noir!  I have the Vertias collection in the Cabernet/Merlot, and I am hoping to get more from Santa this year! *cough* Sauvignon Blanc *cough*


For the Old Fashioned Bubbly Drinker

Coupe glasses, or old-fashioned Champagne glasses, are coming back in a huge way.  Used for more than just sparkling wine, you can also serve up speakeasy style cocktails and martinis in these chic glasses.  Look for true vintage options, or modern glassware in the old style.


For The Clean & Structured Friend In Your Life

Face it – we all have that friend who could probably use more than just a glass or two of wine – like the whole bottle.  He or she always has their shit together, is impeccably put-together, has everything scheduled, and is maybe a bit OCD.  And they probably like clean, straight lines.  They are straight, to the point and no-nonsense – just like these glasses.


For The Stem-Averse

If you or your friends are anything like me, then wine glass stems can get in the way of our major klutziness, am I right?  So to avoid the inevitable broken glass (and even worse – spilled wine!), opt for some stemless glassware.  They’re fun and come in just as many cool styles as original styles do.


For The Game of Thrones Fan

Wine goblets are back in style big time, thanks to Game of Thrones and other similar period pieces.  Drink like a king or queen with an embellished glass, handcrafted clay cup, or other adorned drinking vessel.


When They Need To Make a Statement

Sometimes, things are best left unsaid – because it’s all out there on your wine glass!


For The Sports Fan

Sports isn’t just for beer anymore!  Now that more and more fans are enjoying wine with their game, it’s time to show your spirit for your favorite team.  For me? It’s all things Boston!  Who do you and your friends and family root for?


For The Designer Label Lovers

High end glasses to hold all that high end wine.  Get only the best designer goods for the luxury-lover in your life.

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