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Weekly Wine Wednesday (12/13/17)

Weekly Wine Wednesday (12/13/17)

Happy Wine Wednesday!

Maybe you prefer Winesday.  Or Hump Day.  Or halfway-to-the-weekend day.  Whatever you wanna call it, I hope it’s been going well and is full of wine!


Although I am in the midst of my 6 Part Prosecco Series (here you can find Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3), I still need to take time out for some wine reviews.  Up this week we have a unique set of wines – few local ones that I purchased while visiting family in New England, a Washington white and a Greek red.


Jonathan Edwards Pinot Grigio | Russian River Valley, California | Rating: 1/5 from The Glorious Grape | For the full review, visit

Jonathan Edwards Pinot Grigio 2016

Russian River Valley, California $25.00


When I drink Pinot Grigio, I expect something light, bright and fruity. This was no such PG. Although the grapes were harvested and then fermented in stainless steel from the Russian River Valley, the wine was bottled in CT. It is as if the wine was transported between coasts by foot, because the lemon fruit tasted over fermented and rancid, the acidity wasn’t bright, and the alcohol was too high at 15%. The steel minerality was off, too. I really hate throwing wine away, but this was just not good.


Sharpe Hill Vineyard Ballet of Angels | Pomfret, Connecticut | Rated 4/5 from The Glorious Grape | For the full review, visit!

Sharpe Hill Vineyard Ballet of Angels

Pomfret, Connecticut $12.50


I’d like to introduce you all to this bottle of white that is affectionately known as Creepy Baby Wine in New England! OK, so it is actually called Ballet of Angels, but don’t let creepy baby fool you – it’s quite tasty! Made with a proprietary (read: secret) blend of 10 grapes, it has floral aromas with light, intoxicating kerosene. Off dry with flavors of white flowers, peach, apricot, apple, pear; the finish is long and crisp with lemon and grapefruit. This is considered the most popular white wine to come out of New England, and it is easy to see why – the balance and flavors are sure to please a crowd.



Charles Smith Wines Eve Chardonnay | Columbia Valley, Washington | Rating: 3.5/5 by The Glorious Grape | For the full review visit!

Charles Smith Wines Eve Chardonnay 2015

Ancient Lakes of Columbia Valley, Washington $12.99


This is light straw in color with aromas of apple pie, about to be baked. Medium bodied on the palate with intense apple flavors, creamy lemon and a mineral finish. Got a sweet tooth? Pair this with slightly spiced desserts such as pear crisp, pumpkin tart, or – you guessed it! – anything apple. Want something savory? Try squash or blue cheese!



Argyros Estate Red Blend | Santorini, Greece | Rated 3/5 from The Glorious Grape | For the full review, visit!
[Image: Vivino]

Argyros Estate Atlantis Red

Santorini, Greece $18.99


This Greek red blend is made with Mandilaria and Mavrotragano grapes, which are a first for me. While I couldn’t get any aromas out of my glass, the palate was bright with acidity and flavors ripe with raspberr Medium body with firm tannins an a balsamic vinegar finish. This is definitely a food wine, I paired mine with a fig jam and grilled cheese sandwich at a local grilled cheese bar. For such a casual spot, they sure have a unique and surprisingly decent wine list!



Sharpe Hill Vineyard Red Seraph | Pomfret, Connecticut | Rated 4/5 from The Glorious Grape | For the full review, visit!

Sharpe Hill Vineyard Red Seraph 2014

Pomfret, Connecticut $14.99


Another great wine from Sharpe Hill, this red blend is made with Merlot and St. Croix, a favorite grape in the region. Didn’t have high hopes, because the reds are usually too sweet or too acidic and overshadowed by the whites. This blew me away when I got aromas of rich, ripe wild berries dusted with cocoa. The flavors were equally intense with black and blue fruits and velvety tannins. Red currants and acidity quickly develop, more Chianti-style.



What wines are in your lineup this week? Do you like local wines, or more exotic varieties?

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