Weekly Wine Wednesdays (10/25/17)

Weekly Wine Wednesdays (10/25/17)

It’s Wine Down Wednesday!

So you know that means it’s time for reviews.


But before we get to them, I wanted to give you all the scoop with what’s been going on behind the scenes here at TGG, and what’s in store for the future.


First of all, thanks for reading! 


The site has been live for a whopping two months, and even though it is still just a baby, I’m grateful that it has been seeing steady traffic and even has a few subscribers.  While I very much enjoy working on this project, ultimately I am doing this for YOU!  I want to help you discover new wines, try new regions, learn about pairings, understand your taste buds better, and write about all the wine-related things you want to read about.


Behind the scenes, TGG has been drafting these posts – but I’d love to hear your ideas!  Leave a comment below or visit my contact page to let me know what’s on your mind.  I’ve also been trying to ramp up my social media activity, focusing mainly on Instagram and Vivino, followed by Facebook and a little bit on Twitter on Pinterest.  The last three platforms really need my focus for future development, and I plan to work really hard on them in the coming weeks to get the TGG name out there to a wider audience.  BlogLovin will also be seeing some action on our end, in order to network with other bloggers and provide new sources of content.  If you are not already, please check the blog out on these platforms and give TGG a follow!


Finally, I’ve been looking into starting a real email newsletter, as opposed to the current email list I have that simply alerts about new posts.  I am hoping to use it as a tool to better connect with you, to get to know you more, give you sneak peaks, and offer exclusive deals and other items.  I’m really excited about everything I have planned, and all the potential TGG has got going for it, but I will say – it is tons and tons of work!  All the more reason to have wine stocked up, am I right?


So now that we have all that out of the way…onto the wine reviews!


Clayhouse Malbec from California rwas rated 3/5 from The Glorious Grape - get more wine reviews and tasting notes on the blog!

Clayhouse Malbec 2013

Paso Robles, California $15.99


My first Malbec from California, and this is definitely the fruit-forward wine you would expect coming from Paso Robles.  Aromas of wild mixed berry jam and wet earth after a fresh rainfall.  The flavors are full of cherry and red raspberry, with a smooth mouthfeel and medium tannins.  A bit of oak peeks through with some air time, as well.  Minimal spice, which distinguishes it from it’s Argentinian counterpart.  A good beginner Malbec or for one who doesn’t like the oaky spice Argentina delivers.



Oak Ridge Winery OZV Rose Wine from California was rated 3.5/5 from The Glorious Grape - get more wine reviews and tasting notes on the blog!

Oak Ridge Winery OZV Rosé NV

California, $11.99


This mineral driven rosé from Oak Ridge Winery shows bright aromas of wild strawberry and raspberry with flavors of wet limestone and sea salt. Simple, crisp and refreshing for when it’s still hot in Florida, even if it’s the middle of October.  (Edit:  It has cooled a good deal as I post this, down to 60-70s.  Finally starting to seem like fall!)



Oak Ridge Winery OZV Zinfandel from California was rated 3.5/5 from The Glorious Grape - get more wine reviews and tasting notes on the blog!


Oak Ridge Winery OZV Old Vine Zinfandel 2015

Lodi, California $11.99


This old vine Zin is fruity and easy to drink, but I find it to be lacking the wonderful spice I have come to love from this varietal.  On the nose, brambles, berry jam, light cedar and vanilla with a hint of menthol.  The palate is simultaneously meaty and sweet but balanced by plenty of acidity, with yummy blueberry pie filling, wild raspberry, chocolate, beef jerky and espresso.  However, there is also an iron-like metallic mouthfeel I get that permeates the finish.  I paired this with spicy chili, and its fruit-forward character worked well with the dish.



San Sebastian Reserve California Petite Sirah from California was rated 3.5/5 from The Glorious Grape - get more wine reviews and tasting notes on the blog!

San Sebastian Reserve Petite Sirah 2014

St. Augustine, Florida / North Coast, California $21.99


For this Petite Sirah, the grapes were sources from just north of the Anderson Valley in California, but the wine itself was made in Florida.  Delicious aromas of cocoa and blackberries, with flavors of red and black raspberries, tart cherries and black tea, with a light touch of spice on the finish.  Fine, silky smooth tannins on this medium bodied red.  I paired this with sticky BBQ ribs, and it was quite the yummy pairing.

What wine is in your glass?  Leave a comment below!


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