Weekly Wine Wednesdays (9/27/17)

Weekly Wine Wednesdays (9/27/17)

Who’s ready for October?

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Many of us are ready to say goodbye to summer – enough with the humid, muggy air ruining our hair and makeup and burning our skin as we get into our 500-degree cars after work.  Those of us are ready to welcome fall with open arms, wrapped up in toasty sweaters and sipping warm apple cider as the kids debate about Halloween costumes and plan out their Christmas lists super early.


But others are sad to see the summer months drift away – maybe they never got enough days in at the beach, or got to drink enough rosé.  Maybe you’re like me, and you love being in the heat all year round.  After all, isn’t that the point of moving away from New England?  To escape the cold for good?!


Maybe you’re reading this from another part of the world, and this doesn’t apply to you – that’s OK, just go along with me, here.


As we say goodbye to September and welcome in October, big changes are coming for many people.  Maybe you’re excited, or perhaps you’re a bit sad.  I’m a little bit of both.  Therefore, I like to take comfort in friends – of the fermented nature, that is!


In case you missed it, we did a really awesome post recently about Moscato done three ways – be sure to check that out here.  As for the rest of the wines up at bat this week, check them out below and be sure to let TGG know what you think in the comments!


Maschio Sparkling Rosé NV
Veneto, Italy $9.99

Popped during the throes of Irma.  This bubbly is bright and happy with tangerine, watermelon and pomelo.  I drank this way too fast to take proper notes, but hey – I was scared and needed it.



Papi Sauvignon Blanc from Chile is rated 2/5 from The Glorious Grape!

Papi Sauvignon Blanc Demi Sec 2014
Valle Central, Chile $9.99

This Southern Hemisphere Sauvignon Blanc shows loads of warm tropical fruit favoring banana, buttery mango and papaya.  There is also a touch of fermented lemon that gives it an odd acidity on the finish.  It lacks zest, which is perhaps why it is called Demi Sec.  As a result, it is more reminiscent of a Chardonnay, due to its fuller body and butteriness.  It also has a bit of an off-putting neon dark yellow color.  In the end, this only cost $5 as it was part of a BOGO sale, and I guess you get what you pay for!



J Lohr Pinot Noir from California is Rated 3.5/5 by The Glorious Grape!
[Image: Liquor Liquidators]

J. Lohr Falcon’s Perch Pinot Noir 2013
Monterey County, California $15.79

J. Lohr is a solid and reliable producer, and their Pinot Noir will not disappoint when you are looking for something easy and simple. Very food friendly, with plums, lots of freshly picked, crushed berries, a light and bright acidity, medium body and short-medium finish. Even non-red drinkers will be pleased.



Simi Cabernet Sauvignon from California is rated 3/5 by The Glorious Grape!
[Image: The Wine Spies]

Simi Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
Alexander Valley, California $26.00

Nose of cassis with flavors of black fruits favoring plum, raspberry and blackberry along with flat cola and a hint of cocoa.  Smooth and easy drinking, but the lack of tannins and low-medium acidity made this a bit boring and one-dimensional.  If you feel like you would enjoy something simple with these delicious flavors, give this a shot and head over to Amazon to buy.



Barefoot Wine's Red Moscato from California is rated 3/5 from The Glorious Grape!

Barefoot Red Moscato
California $6.99 in stores, $12.99 on Amazon

I’ve never even heard of Red Moscato before, so I knew this would be an interesting one.  Syrupy sweet flavors of grenadine, maraschino cherry and black raspberry with fresh juicy flavors blood orange and ripe watermelon.  Low in alcohol, and definitely for the sweet wine lovers.  I paired this alone with Chinese food, then got creative for fall.  Make sure to check out my recipe for a mulled wine and apple cider cocktail here!



Barefoot Wine's Moscato from California is rated 3/5 from The Glorious Grape

Barefoot Moscato
California $6.99 in stores, 24 mini bottles $81.60 on Amazon

This has a very pale yellow-green color, almost colorless, with no noticeable aromas.  As the label says, this is deliciously sweet, but not overly so.  Off dry may be more fitting.  Flavors of honey, peaches in heavy syrup, light citrus and sweet tropical fruits.  This was actually a decent choice for the price, I can see why it’s so popular.  However, I actually preferred this in my piña colada rum punch recipe, which you can find here!



Barefoot Wine's Pink Moscato from California is rated 3/5 by The Glorious Grape

Barefoot Pink Moscato
California $6.99 in stores, 24 mini bottles $81.60 on Amazon

First of all, this was my favorite of the three Barefoot Moscatos.  Like the others, I cannot make out any aromas. However, the flavors pack a pleasant punch with orange, tangerine, pomegranate and raspberry l emonade.  The flavors of this wine are sweet yet possess a bit more acidity than the siblings do.  Easy drinking and perfect for parties.



Mogen David Blackberry Wine from California is rated 2/5 from The Glorious Grape!

Mogen David Blackberry Wine
Napa Valley, California $4.99

Super concentrated and sweet, smells and tastes just like fresh grape juice spiked with ripe, plump blackberries.  Reminds me of a not-so-great effort one year of my father’s homemade Concord grape wine.  Although this is a blackberry wine, it is in fact made with Concord grape red wine, too!  However, this just has too much sugar for my taste. I had to turn this into a spritzer, and the rest of the bottle will probably be with vodka or for baking a dessert. The flavors were good, but I still can’t believe how sweet this is!



La Caña Albariño from Spain is rated 3.5/5 by The Glorious Grape!
[Image: Chatt Wine]

La Ca‎‎ña Albari‎‎ño 2013
Rías Baixas, Spain $18.49

A clean, crisp and bone dry Albariño with plenty of minerals and gravel.  Green notes to compliment the bright fresh acidity of lemon, apple and white grapefruit on the palate.  Perfect for an afternoon of seafood dishes!


(Note: All prices are an average estimate and may vary by region)




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