What To Drink Every Day In September

What To Drink Every Day In September


September is a big month, for so many reasons.  Kids are back in school, pumpkin spice has returned, grape harvest has begun, and sweater weather is right around the corner.  Fall is a beautiful time of year, and September marks the beginning of the season.  Another reason to be happy for September is that there are 4 – yes, 4! – states celebrating wine this month.  Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, and California have all delegated September as their official wine months.

Since California is king in the US when it comes to wine, this month’s calendar is heavy on their offerings.  There are so many amazing options to choose from, and narrowing down the list was tough!  Most of the wines I selected are options I have either have tasted in the past and personally recommend; the others are ranked high on my wish list.  All are under $50, so they won’t break the bank.  If you are familiar with California wines, then you know many can really get up there in price – especially the coveted Napa Cabs!

Not everything listed this month is from California, of course.  You’ll find one day each for wines from Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina.  There are also some unique “holidays” sprinkled in this month as well:


September 7 is Beer Lover’s Day –  Delirium Tremens is one of my absolute favorites.  Give this one a try if you’re up for something different, or pour yourself a cold one of your favorite brew.

September 15 is Grenache Day – I selected a Cali wine for this, but feel free to try something else like a Spanish Garnacha if that suits your fancy.

September 16 marks the beginning of Oktoberfest – If you can’t make it to Germany for this legendary beer festival, settle for something at home that will get you in the mood.  Make sure to drink it in a massive stein, or share it with friends in das boot!

September 20 is Rum Punch Day – Make sure to come back on Sunday, September 17 for a special recipe!

September 29 is Coffee Day – I need coffee, just like I need wine.  For a little after dinner treat, spike yours with something special.  My favorites?  Frangelico, amaretto, or Kahlua.

September 30 is Mulled Cider Day – I have a great recipe for mulled cider that includes wine, of course!  Make sure to come back on Sunday, September 17 for it.

Your September Wine Calendar - what to drink every day for the month of September, curated by The Glorious Grape!

(Note: Prices are an average estimate and may vary by region)

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